division 13 west

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What’s poppin’ Hedgehogs! My name is Javier Nunez-Verdugo and I have the utmost honor to proudly serve all of you as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2020-21 term. I can’t wait to see what types of feats we’ll accomplish together as a Division. Over the past three years that I have been a part of the KCI family, I’ve had a grand number of opportunities to see what this club can offer every member that it caters to. These opportunities are something that I wish to share with each and every one of you in whatever way I can.


Though this year is unlike any other that we have all experienced, I know that we can firmly stand and surpass the obstacles being placed ahead of us. I hope to keep our flames of service and ohana burning as strongly and as passionately as ever so that we can meet our term goals together! I have the intentions of leading all of our officers and members to create something magical this term. With that, I offer you my unwavering dedication and support to you all, not only as members, but as a friend. Please do not ever hesitate to come up to me or message me on the side to ask any question or to even just get to know one another more personally.


Thank you all for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to create something new. I will forever be grateful and I hope I can demonstrate that passion greatly this term!

Rolling to Service,

Javier Nunez-Verdugo

D13W Lieutenant Governor 2020-21